Designing a Website Without Code with Squarespace

A new drag-and-drop technology is revolutionizing the design sector, setting a new industry standard for code-free website design with Squarespace’s Fluid Engine. Squarespace, the all-in-one website builder and commerce platform, announced in July 2022 the introduction of Fluid Engine, a next-generation website design system that reimagines drag-and-drop technology for a truly personalized, fast, and easy website design experience for desktop and mobile.

“We are excited to officially introduce the Fluid Engine tool, a highly performant and adaptable iteration of our page editing technology,” said Anthony Casalena, CEO and founder of Squarespace. “Fluid Engine enhances the accessibility and expressiveness of our system, allowing more of our customers to access a wider variety of designs. Whether you are a seasoned pro using Squarespace or just starting out, Fluid Engine can help you create a variety of amazing designs without having to write custom code.”

Fluid Engine customers benefit from what we call Unbreakable Creativity. The ability to create innovative boundaries in web design without any doubt. The unrestricted canvas of the revamped system allows users to play, experiment, and push the boundaries of creativity with ease, but it is also guided by an advanced smart grid for high-quality results. The goal of the method is to give web designers just enough design cues to make their sites look fantastic, without stifling creativity. Everyone, whether a web newbie or an expert, can create unique and professional design results using a very intuitive, fluid, and agile website editing experience. It is robust enough for the most creative web designers, but also simple enough for beginners.

The benefits of Squarespace and Fluid Engine include:

  • Users can better customize their website and express themselves thanks to the modern design system that offers them freedom and flexibility with design assistance via an advanced drag-and-drop type smart grid. Squarespace is a powerful platform that will help you get a better result when it comes to developing an online store, showcasing your product, or creating software.
  • Precision in content placement. A new degree of precision when it comes to placing content in page templates. This tool allows you to adjust all aspects of overlay, alignment, bleed position, etc.
  • Users will have more control over their mobile website. A mobile-optimized smart grid that allows consumers to customize their website for optimal use on mobile devices.
  • End-to-end design efficiency between desktop and mobile. Both smart and agile design, with features that help users achieve the expected results faster and simpler. With more traffic on mobile, better design and a better experience of mobile websites have a significant influence on brand trust, credibility, and increased online visitor engagement – all these elements leading to additional sales and online success. Fluid Engine allows users to easily create custom mobile landing experiences independent of a website’s desktop experience by allowing them to quickly create custom mobile landing experiences without having to worry about compatibility issues.

Users will still have the option to use Squarespace’s meticulously designed templates and step-by-step layout solutions, but they will be able to try a whole new editing paradigm with Fluid Engine. With other recently introduced design tools, including a motion-based scrolling block, font packs and color palettes, custom buttons, etc., the number of online styling options has significantly increased to support everyone’s creative vision.

The Fluid Engine is now accessible on Squarespace 7.1 in English, and plans are in place to extend access to other languages this fall.

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